Weather data summary for the 2006-growing season

Alfalfa Trials

Performance summary – Standard trials (insecticide applied)

South Charleston, Ohio – 2003 Seeding

Wooster, Ohio – 2003 Seeding

North Baltimore, Ohio – 2004 Seeding

Jackson, Ohio –2004 Seeding

South Charleston, Ohio – 2005 Seeding

Wooster, Ohio – 2006 Seeding

Potato Leafhopper Resistant Trials

South Charleston, Ohio and Ames, Iowa – 2006 Seeding

South Charleston, Ohio and Ames, Iowa – 2005 Seeding

Red Clover Trial

S. Charleston, Ohio - 2006 Seeding.

Grass Trials

Orchardgrass Variety Trial – South Charleston, Ohio – 2003 Seeding

Orchardgrass Variety Trial – South Charleston, Ohio – 2006 Seeding

Annual Ryegrass Variety Trial – South Charleston, Ohio – 2005 Seeding

Annual Ryegrass Variety Trial – South Charleston, Ohio – 2006 Fall Seeding

Tall Fescue Variety Trial – Jackson, Ohio – 2004 Seeding

Perennial Ryegrass Variety Trial – South Charleston, Ohio –2005 Seeding

Address of Marketers

Download files of yield data for 2006:

All Yield Trials - PDF for Printing

Alfalfa Yield Trials - Excel

Grass Yield Trial - Excel

Red Clover Yield Trial - Excel

Forage Variety Trials in Other States

Forage Quality and Disease Information from Wisconsin and Minnesota


2006 Ohio Forage Performance Trials

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Performance Summary Standard Trials - Insecticide Applied

Summary of alfalfa variety performance in Ohio.
Values are yield as a percent of the trial average (mean).

   South Charleston WoosterNorth Baltimore Jackson  
Variety Marketer 2003-06 2006 2003-06 2006 2004-06 2006 no. of site-years

average all site-years

4A421Mycogen Seeds--99100101----7100
AlfaStar IISteyer Seeds----101------4101
Baralfa 53HRBarenbrug USA--106--------2106
CW 15030Allied Seed--104--------2104
DKA 41-18 RRMonsanto------94----194
DKA 42-15Monsanto--------102--11101
EvermoreAllied Seed----101------4101
Feast +EVGarst----99------499
FSG 351Allied Seed----100------4100
FSG 406Allied Seed----98------498
FSG 408 DPAllied Seed--102--------2102
FSG 505Allied Seed----102------4102
GenoaNK Brand Seed--104--101104988102
GH 744Golden Harvest----99------499
IntegrityPGI Alfalfa Inc.--100--------2100
L-311Legacy Seed----100------4100
L-411-HDLegacy Seed--------104--3104
L-447-HDLegacy Seed------108----1108
LegenDairy 5.0Croplan Genetics--------100--3100
MarvelAllied Seed--97--------297
NovaGreat Plains --------99--399
Power 4.2Power Seed Inc.----100------4100
PredatorDoebler's Seed101----------4101
Radiant-AMAmpac Seed------94----193
RebelBurtch Seeds--------100--3100
Rebound 5.0Croplan Genetics--104----104--5104
RegalGreat Plains ----98------498
Reward IIPGI Alfalfa Inc.----101----986100
RuggedBurtch Seeds--------99--399
SummerGoldBeck's Superior --------103975101
Winter GoldBeck's Superior ----99------499
WL 335 HQRoyster Clark--94----96--596
WL 335 RRRoyster Clark------100----1100
WL 343 HQRoyster Clark------90----190
WL 348 APRoyster Clark--97100------699
WL 357 HQRoyster Clark105--100--102--11103
Trial Average (annual tons/acre)6.194.466.152.696.524.18----
No. site years424132----

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