Yield and Agronomic Characteristics of Wheat Varieties Tested in Ohio, 2007.

Yield and Agronomic Characteristics of Wheat Varieties Tested in Ohio, 2006- 2007.

Yield and Agronomic Characteristics of Wheat Varieties Tested in Ohio, 2005- 2007.

Reaction of Winter Wheat Varieties to Various Diseases in Ohio.

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2007 Ohio Wheat Performance Test

Reaction of Winter Wheat Varieties to Various Diseases in Ohio

Powdery Mildew 2007
Leaf Rust 2007
Leaf Blotch 2007
Head Scab** 2007
AGI  101  R  MR  MS  MS 
AGI  102  S       
Beck  117  MR  **     
Beck  122  MS       
Beck  168  MR       
Strike  204  MR  MR  S  S 
Strike  205  R  MR  S  MS 
AGI  205  MS       
Strike  207  MS       
Pioneer  25R37  MR  **     
Pioneer  25R47  MS  MR  MS  S 
Pioneer  25R49  S  MR  S  S 
Pioneer  25R51  S       
Pioneer  25R56  MR       
Pioneer  25R63  MR       
Pioneer  25R78  MS  MR  S  S 
AGI  401  MS       
Strike  480  MR  **     
Ebberts  501  R  **     
Ebberts  570  MS       
Ebberts  575  MS       
Steyer  Alma  MS  **     
AgriPro COKER  Benton  MR  MS  S  S 
Certified - Public  Bess  MR       
AgriPro COKER  Branson  MR       
Certified - Proprietary  Bravo  S  S  S  S 
Gries Seed  Brazen  R  S  MR  MR 
Certified - Public  Cecil  MR  S  S  MR 
AgriPro COKER  COKER 9312  MR  R  MR  S 
AgriPro COKER  COKER 9436  R  MR  MR  MS 
AgriPro COKER  COKER 9474  MR  R  MS  MR 
AgriPro COKER  COKER 9511  MS       
AGRA  Conquest  R  S     
AgriPro COKER  Cooper  MS  MS  S  S 
Certified - Proprietary  Daisy  MS  S  S  MS 
AgriPro COKER  Douglas  MS  MR  MR  MS 
Steyer  Exp 701  MS       
Steyer  Exp 702  MR       
Steyer  Exp 703  MR       
Steyer  Fatzinger  MS       
Certified - Public  Freedom  MR  MR  MS  MR 
Steyer  Hammon  S       
Buckeye  Harley  R       
AGRA  Honey  MR  S  S  MS 
Certified - Public  Hopewell  MR  S  S  MS 
MCIA  Jewel  MR       
Steyer  Kenton  MS  **     
Steyer  Merrell  MR  **     
Steyer  Morral  MR       
Buckeye  Parker  MR       
Porter  PH 46  R       
MCIA  Red Ruby  MR       
Certified - Public  Roane  MR  MR  MR  MS 
Rupp  RS 908  R       
Rupp  RS 919  MR  R  MS  MS 
Rupp  RS 942  MS       
Rupp  RS 947  R  S  MS  MR 
Rupp  RS 953  MR       
Seed Consultants  SC 1317  MR       
Seed Consultants  SC 1325  R  R  S  MS 
Seed Consultants  SC 1337  MS       
Seed Consultants  SC 1347  MS       
Seed Consultants  SC 1348  S       
Seed Consultants  SC 1358  MS       
AGRA  Skyline  MS  MS  MS  MS 
Vigoro  Tribute  R  R  MR  MS 
Certified - Public  Truman  MS  R  MR  MR 
Thompson  TS3060  R  MS  MR  MR 
Thompson  TS4040  MR  **     
Thompson  TS8040  MS  MS  MS  MS 
Vigoro  V9412  MR  MS  S  MS 
Vigoro  V9611  R       
Vigoro  V9712  R       
Vigoro  V9723  MS       
Wellman  W 111  R  **     
Wellman  W 121  R  **     
Wellman  W 122  R       
Wellman  W 132  MS       
Wellman  W 141  MS  **     
AgriPro COKER  W1377  MS       
Steyer  Wiley  R  MR  S  MS 
  • Powdery mildew (PM) Varieties were evaluated for Powdery mildew at Wooster at the heading (Feekes growth stage 10.5) growth stage.
  • Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) Varieties were evaluated in an inoculated disease screening nursery at Wooster. FHB was rated as the percentage of spikelets showing diseased symptoms.
  • Leaf Blotch (SLB) and Glume Blotch (SGB) Varieties were evaluated for Stagonospora leaf and glume blotch in an inoculated, mist-irrigated disease screening nursery at Wooster. Both SLB and SGB severity were rated at about Feekes growth stage 11.3 as the average percent flag leaf and spike area diseased, respectively.
  • All varieties were classified as Susceptible, Moderately Susceptible, Moderately Resistant and Resistant based on their disease scores relative to susceptible and resistant checks. It must be noted that there is no true resistance to these diseases. For instance, an R for FHB (head scab) means that the variety had comparable levels of scab to Truman, the resistant check.

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