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2003 Ohio Forage Performance Trials

Ohio State University Extension
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
The Ohio State University

Horticulture and Crop Science
Series 195
November 2003

Table 6: Alfalfa Variety Trial - Ohio, South Charleston, Sown 4-15-2003

    Total Relative
Variety 30-Jun 31-Jul 9-Sep2003 2003
Commercial Seed: ---- Tons Dry Matter/Acre ----

% mean

6400 HT1.841.631.304.77104
WL 357 HQ1.691.621.274.57100
Hybri Force 420/wet1.711.491.334.5499
LSD 0.050.21ns0.140.41--
CV %8.707.307.506.10--
* Note: Stands were all 100% on 9-30-03
Data subjected to Nearest Neighbor AOV, adjusted means reported.
Establishment: Seeded with a Hege 3-point hitch drill with presswheels at 16 lb/a.
Eptam was applied PPI at 2qt/a.
Plot size: 4' x 20', 15' alleys and borders. RCBD with four reps.
Soil type and analysis: Crosby silt loam, pH=6.9, P=640 lbs/s, K=400 lbs/a, CEC=8.4, O.M.=3.1, (11/02).
2003 Fertilization: No fertilization was required.
2003 Pest control: Insecticide applied 6-June, 18-July, 12-August for potato leafhopper control. Herbicide applied on 7-June for weed control.

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